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Judith A Miller, MD, MSW, MSc, FRCPC
Clinical Researcher, Toronto General Research Institute (TGRI)
Keywords: genetics, diabetes mellitus, translational physiology, renin angiotensin system, gender 

Research Interests
My research programme has focused on the physiology of renal and peripheral vasoregulatory function in diabetic and non-diabetic humans, and the impact of various regulatory systems, including the sympathetic nervous system and the renin angiotensin system on renal function. I have studied the role of high glucose in activation of the renin angiotensin system in type 1 diabetes, and the role of several genetic polymorphisms in predicting baseline renal function, blood pressure, and the response to high glucose.

I also am a member of the Gender and Renal Disease group which examines the impact of gender, and endogenous and exogenous estrogens on the renin angiotensin system, renal and vasoregulatory function, and TGF-beta.

I have established in my laboratory several techniques both for perturbing these systems and for measuring the responses. I have been successful in obtaining peer-reviewed funding to support my programme from granting agencies such as The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Physician's Services Inc. Foundation, The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, and The Medical Research Council of Canada. I have presented my work at international meetings, and have published it in excellent journals. I have attracted several residents and sub-specialty Nephrology trainees to my laboratory.

  • Mechanisms of Progression of Diabetic Renal Disease (Canadian Diabetes Association, 2007-2010)

  • Hemodynamic Modulation in Type 1 Diabetes (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2007-2012)

  • Mechanism of Pre-Ecamplasia (Physicians' Services Inc. Foundatio, 2005-2007)

  • Effect of Protein Kinase C Inhibition on Renal and Peripheral Hemodynamic Function in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes (Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, 2004-2006)

  • Impact of COX-2 Inhibition on High-Glucose Stimulated Hemodynamic Function in Diabetic Humans(Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, 2004-2007)

Pubmed Publications
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Phone Numbers
416.340.4800 x4966(Primary)


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